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Watch battlefield smoke. The Omega Rolex comer to shake the old king, is not easy. Beginning in the 1970s, Rolex and Omega to pull away. In the late 1970s, when the Japanese quartz watches rampant the world, the traditional Swiss watch industry has been hit hard, Omega and Rolex have devastated the two different coping strategies, so they embarked on a different path - the former The target will compete replaced Japanese brand, focusing on manufacturing quartz watches and mechanical watches; latter will watch as a "jewelry", the high-end market. As it turned out, choosing the right Rolex, Omega second start behind. Thus, Omega decided to play in the brand marketing strategy a turnaround, well versed in Replica Rolex characteristics of the hero archetype and brand connotation it is shrinking the gap with competitors. IC analysis of research institutions in 10 countries 500 million set of network search data found that in 2009 China's Internet search on the watch brand Omega accounted for 1/4 of the Rolex 18%. The 2009 Swiss watches produced 1/5 sold to mainland China and Hong Kong. Targeting China's richest Watches, pens, and now the car has been to the world's most men crazy three "stuff. " Car represents wealth, pen symbolizes wisdom, then the watch is undoubtedly a man of fashion and personal taste for the best interpretation. The Rolex watch from it emerged, has been a "true taste, high quality, " a symbol of life. Many successful men have regarded a Rolex watch as a Collector's Edition is a testament to their success, even in the electronic age as well. In the collection, the watch is still the Chinese Replica Rolex absolute first choice, 44% of respondents selected richest collection of watches, a 10% increase over last year. The data show that the national average of 3. 7 millionaires watches. April 16 this year, held in Shanghai, the third "top brand Summit. " According to reports, China's luxury market has reached 175 million potential consumers who flocked to the major brands in the world on the occasion, men's products but also in China's luxury market to play a leading role. The Chinese luxury goods market showed a notable feature of the male-dominated, in which the medium price range (2. 5 to 50, 000 yuan) wrist watches promote a strong rebound category, including Cartier, Longines, Omega, Rolex and Tudor as the top five brands. With improved quality of life, and men for personal adornment is also accompanied by the awareness of the international trend has been an unprecedented increase. A good watch, whether it is Rolex or Omega, for a man, is not only a celebration of personal status, there is an understanding of the lifestyle. Wenzhou Intime Prime Time Rolex flagship store opening, the watch has doubled compared to the previous models, the new constantly. Following last week after the Replica Rolex of luxury watches, casual watches continue to recommend this week.

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